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Specialists in advanced renovations

EVZ Transmission A/S have great expertise and experience of metal spraying with 100% homogenous materials on steel- and aluminium-parts.

We perform metal spraying on among other thing hydraulic pistons, oilpumps, geerwheels and axles.
It is possible to save a great amount of money with metal spraying and it will often result in a stronger metal quality than the original. 

Original references are only used as referencenumbers.

Contact us and get more information on tel. +45 43 35 06 06 or email More information can also be found on our facebooksite.

Reservations for typographical mistakes and sold-out products will be taken.

We perform tasks within:

  • Automatic transmissions for busses

  • Rail transmissions

  • Steering wheels

  • Axles

  • Steering shafts

  • Cardan shafts

  • Servo pumps

  • Door cylinders
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